Iconic Scotland Series 4 x Greetings Cards


Choose any 4 greetings cards from the Iconic Scotland series. Read more about the collection and cards below.


Size 150mm x 150mm

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    The Iconic Scotland Series is a collection of work made from the names of well known (and lesser known) Forests, Munros, Glens, Rivers and Lochs of Scotland. Each artwork uses typography to create a familiar Scottish animal in its habitat.


    Choose from:


    River Runners 150mm square greeting card:

    River runners, depicting local Scottish salmon, is created from the names of Scotland’s rivers.


    Forest Dweller 150mm square greeting card:

    The Forrest Dweller, a native red squirrel, is made up from Scotland’s vast and striking forests.


    Hunter on the Loch 150mm square greeting card:

    Hunter on the Loch, a Scottish Osprey, is created from the names of Scottish Lochs.


    Monarch of the Glen 150mm square greeting card:

    Monarch of the Glens, a native Scottish dear, is created from the names of Scotland’s beautiful Glens.


    Woolly Munros 150mm square greeting card:

    Woolly Munros, the familiar sheep found in Scotland’s hills is create from the names of Scotland’s Munros.  Can you spot any you have climbed?


    Size 150mm x 150mm

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