Orkney Isles Series 4 x Greetings Cards

Orkney Isles Series 4 x Greetings Cards


Choose any 4 greetings cards from the Orkney Isles series. Read more about the collection and cards below.


Size 150mm x 150mm

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    Tales by the Pete Fire 150mm square greeting card:

    Peat fires for years have been a central feature in many island homes. They provide not only warmth and comfort but also an important social focal point for sharing stories and tales that would be passed down from generation to generation. ‘Tales by the peat fire’ is comprised of text describing mythical creatures from island folklore. ‘Trows’, ‘Hogboons’, ‘Dwarfs’. ‘Fairy folk’, ‘Giants’, ‘Witches’ and ‘Selkies’ merge in the smoke and fire with tales of Viking conquest and old more ancient island peoples.


    Tammie Norrie 150mm square greeting card:

    The ‘Tammie Norrie’ artwork comprises text made from the names of the different islands and skerries that create the Orkney Island chain. Many different types of animals and seabirds can be found across the Orkney Islands, and although not found on every island (or skerrie) the Atlantic Puffin is a popular friendly bird that is affectionately known to islanders as the ‘Tammie Norrie’.


    Hrossey 150mm square greeting card:

    ‘Hrossey’ (in Old Norse) was a name given by the Vikings to the Orkney Island we know today as “The Mainland” and it simply means ‘Horse Island’. This artwork pays tribute to the islands and the coming of winter depicted in the raw waves and swells that crash into the cliffs frequently during this time of year. As the summer retreats the shelter of ‘Hamnavoe’ and other sheltered bays become even more important to many ships and sailors alike; all seeking safety away from the wrath of the angry ocean. Mystical Sea creatures from Orkney folklore feature heavily in this work. Within the text you will find ‘Selkies’, ‘Finfolk’, ‘Sea Trows’ and the Stoor Worm’.


    Island Giants 150mm square greeting card:

    Inspired by the Orkney Island’s layered and mystical history, ‘Island Giants’ comprises text made from Neolithic places of interest or importance that can be found across the island archipelago.


    Size 150mm x 150mm

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