Wild Series 4 x Greetings Cards


Choose any 4 greetings cards from the Wild series. Read more about the collection and cards below.


Size 150mm x 150mm

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Card 4

    This artwork pays tribute not only to this beautiful animal and the wild place it lives but is also comprised of text quotations by one of Scotland's best exports and protector of wild spaces the legendary and wonderful John Muir or also known as 'John of the Mountains'.  In an age of technology, screens and disconnect from the natural world, his wise words (all dating back prior to the 1920s) seem as relevant today as they ever did back then.


    Choose from:

    Nature's Peace 150mm square greeting card:

    'Nature's Peace' illustrates a wonderful, elegant and playful animal; 'The Brown Hare'.


    All Nature's Wildness 150mm square greeting card:

    'All Nature's Wildness' illustrates one of Scotland's most wild, illusive and mystical animals; 'The Scottish Wild Cat'.


    Spend a Week in the Woods 150mm square greeting card:

    'Spend a Week in the Woods' illustrates one of Scotland's most elusive, shy and acrobatic animals; 'The Pine Marten'.

    Learn Nature's Story 150mm square greeting card:

    'Learn Nature's Story' illustrates one of Scotland's most comical, quirky and loveable shorebirds; 'The Osytercatcher'.

    Hill's and Sky 150mm square greeting card:

    'Hill's and Sky' illustrates one of Scotland's largest, wild and regal birds of prey; 'The Sea Eagle'.


    Size 150mm x 150mm

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