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It's THAT time again...

Here we go again… 18 days until Scotland’s Winter Trade Fair at the SECC!

You might think by now we are getting into the swing of trade fairs with this one being our fourth but I think both Tim and I would agree it definitely doesn’t feel like that. Discussions, ideas and product displays are being finalised after many a debate and we have a few new products to share.

Come and see our new displays stands and check out the fantastic notepads and magnets we have just released! Ideal Christmas themed gifts and 2 new images have been added to our Christmas series.

Here’s hoping there isn’t snow for loading, unloading or visiting the show and we are looking forward to saying hello to our current stockists and meeting some new ones! Do get in touch if you would like to find out if we have a wholesaler in your area and pop over to stand E26 to find out a little more about the work!


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