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T.Cottee Art is a family run business that specialises in creating imagery from words.  


Tim is the artist and designer.  Born and bred in Scotland, he trained as a graphic designer in Edinburgh’s Telford College and Falmouth College of Art.  He enjoys pushing boundaries and doesn’t do things the conventional way.  


He uses the skills he learnt as a designer to manipulate text alongside his long practiced imagination to create images and pictures from words.  Words have become

his medium of choice, a bit like a using a brush, which is possibly a surprise given he was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child. Tim often found himself drawing, visualising and imagining things when confronted by text and believes this led him down this creative path. His current art pieces are inspired by how stories once danced on a page for him as a child.


 ‘A picture paints a thousand words’ is a commonly used phrase but in the world of T.Cottee Art we also know ‘a thousand words can paint a picture’ and create a different TYPE of Art.



Sarah, Tim’s wife, holds many roles… manager, admin, jack of all trades, team lead and now a mum. She can be found either behind the scenes or the front of house.  She answers the phone or replies to emails when Tim is busy creating, and is always happy answering any questions you might have.  No doubt some of you will have met her if you’ve seen us at

trade fairs or craft shows.  


All our art work is designed in house in Musselburgh and is printed locally in Scotland.

Follow Tim @Tcotteeart on Facebook and Instagram.

Tim cottee at 'a different type of nature' solo exhibition at the John Muir Trust wild space
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