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Time for a wee change

We are feeling a mix of emotions today…

We were sad to say goodbye to the John Muir Trust (for now, not forever) and give up our wonderful exhibition space in their gallery for a new talented photographer. Our Wild Space Exhibition has now finished and with lots of help from lovely Alice and her team the last few pieces of work came down from the walls. The John Muir Trust still have a few of our smaller pieces for those that haven’t quite made it to the gallery yet or drop us a message and we can see what we can do to help you out. They will also continue to stock The Wild Series Cards so do nip in if you’re after a Scottish gift card or small gift for someone!

On the flip side we now have some of our unique text art pieces (including a few from the wild series) on display as part of the Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s exhibition! If you want to see Scottish Munro’s within Monarch of the Glen or the Scottish Forest’s in our wonderful Forest Dweller head over to the festival theatre where they will be on display until August.

We think these pieces fit in so well with the beautiful Pitlochry landscapes and scenery we were delighted when the Festival Theatre team approached us, where is there a better place to see the wonders of Scottish rivers, Scottish glens, Scottish Munros and Scottish forests than in and around Perthshire or ‘The Gateway to the Scottish Highland’s’ as it’s fondly known.

Take a trip to check it out for yourself, we definitely fall in love with this iconic area every time we go!



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