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Changing Seasons

Where is the year going? Is anybody else finding this year is disappearing faster than they can think?

Here at TCottee Art our text art is taking off with fantastic feedback from our John Muir Exhibition. Have you headed out to see it yet? The exhibition is running only until the 2ndof May so don’t miss out!

We are enjoying watching the change in seasons and taking inspiration from its amazingness. Nature is exploding as we come into spring and new ideas are feeling a little bit endless… What do you think to word art encompassing Scottish flowers, other Scottish wild life or other animals? Or maybe something a little bit different with our other favourite famous Scottish things… gin, bag pipes, whisky… the list is endless. If you have any ideas you want to share send us a message or head over to our facebook page.

Here are a few snaps from out and about with the weather changing that may end up contributing to some new work.

Thanks again

S & T

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