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What a show!

What a busy couple of days!

It's that time of year again when the SECC hosts Scotland’s Trade Fair: a wonderful event every January where retailers from in, around and not so close visit Scotland for a chance to source new, exciting products for their stores!

This year’s show was the biggest show yet to be hosted and the halls filled with incredible art, products and enthusiastic creatives.

We had a fantastic show where our Forrest Dweller was a huge success, it seems his colour and depth particularly appealed to this year’s market and he could definitely be described as a show stopper!

We also released 2 new product sizes at the show: a ‘mini’ framed print and a ‘small’ framed print. These were also very popular and deemed to be the perfect gift or souvenir for people to take home!

It was great to catch up with so many of our current stockists and meet many new ones! We are delighted to say that T Cottee Products are now available in even more stores and hopefully one close to you.

If you are looking to find out where you can purchase T Cottee products do drop us a message, similarly if you would like to stock our work get in touch.

Thanks again and all the best

Sarah and Tim

TCottee Art, UK

(Buy Scottish Art/Buy Text Art, Online Uk)

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