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Huge thanks to 3D2D and everyone who visited us!

The festival is upon us! This is T Cottee’s first year for a while of not being in the city centre and gosh does it feel busy when we travel in. Remember leave some extra time and enjoy the buzz, we certainly will during our week with 3D2D at St John’s Church!

The craft fair has started and we are loving it! We have met so many amazing people already, both customers and creatives, including people local to the city and those from further afield all with amazing stories, advice and talent!

As mentioned above we are in the Boardwalk in the ‘big tent’ on the corner having great fun meeting our customers face to face! Thank you to all that have visited and for all the incredible kind, supportive and creative compliments or conversations that we’ve had. IT really has felt like such an honour to meet the people who enjoy the work and share such wonderful stories and experiences with them!

We are still here till Sunday the 11th so if you haven’t been down yet but would like to, come say hello! Tim is often about and if you ask nicely might even sign a print or to for you!

Cheers and thanks again

S &T

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