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Who turned the heat up?

Summer feels almost definitely here now with the rather unnatural heat wave that the UK has been experiencing… We’re not quite sure how to feel about it given the enjoyment of feeling warm but also the horror headlines of the impact on our wonderful planet.

We are beginning to feel a little more prepared for August and the festival and have been learning about the wonders of the 3D 2D Craft Fair…

Did you know (or stop to think) about how long it takes to build the 3D2D craft stalls?

I am not sure I have… but it takes 5 WEEKS… then 10 days to dismantle! There are a total of 180+ stall holders and this has grown from just 50 back in 1983 when the fair started! I’m not sure I remember an Edinburgh Festival without the show and definitely think it would be missed! So on the run up, while we bombard them with questions about our stall we would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Richard and his team! We can only imagine the huge chunk of time this takes up in the summer months and are incredibly grateful for the effort that you put in to this!

As we keep mentioning T Cottee will be participating in the fair for the first time this year and can’t wait so why not come down and say hello. Check out the art work in real life, maybe hear a story or two from Tim about his ideas and inspiration and check out all the other talented, creative and awesome work that is on display! All thanks to 3D 2D!!

Looking forward to it,


S &T

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