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Looking forward

Goodness we are officially in Summer… and if your local to Edinburgh or have been watching the news, the ‘flash floods’ we have just experienced may suggest something different.

Does it feel crazy to anyone else that we are already in July? COVID seems to have warped time along with many other aspects of our life. But before dwelling on the past… today we are looking forward to what’s coming up for us in August and the excitement of having a ‘in person’ event to attend!


Yup you read it right! The 3D2D craft fair, traditionally part of the Edinburgh fringe is being allowed to go ahead this year. Yes, things will be slightly different with social distancing and many safety measures in place BUT we cannot tell you how excited we are for a live event.

We will be exhibiting between the 7th and 21st of August, at St John’s Church, West End of Princess Street.

Both of us will be there intermittently, swapping Arts and Craft for baby care throughout the day and we CAN’T wait to provide the chance for people to come and see the art work for real, rather than on a screen AND have a chat with either of us.

We also can’t wait to see the other very talented creators who will be attending and are so so grateful to the team behind the scenes who organise, manage and have managed to enable this brilliant event to take place.

If you’re looking for something different to do that’s local, get the dates in your diary as this event really is a fab one with so many brilliant, unique local products available to treat yourself too or buy as a gift for someone else.

Do come and say hi!


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