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Online v’s Reality 3D2D

As the beginning of what should have been this year’s Edinburgh Festival fast approaches the reality of what has happened so far really sinks in. Edinburgh's streets should be busy with tourists, performers and visitors from around the world, gearing up for what should have been 3 weeks of exceptional theatre, music, art and dance performances.

Sadly, this year it's not to be and the empty streets only highlight this.

We would have been preparing for @westendfair @3D2D's West End Fair, which we enjoyed so much last year but sadly no such events will be taking place this August.

Instead, @3D2D have launched an online market place that will open on the 8th of August instead of its classic West End Fair. We have spent this week uploading a range of products to the market place and hope that many of you who we might have met at the fair will visit the market place instead for exceptionally wonderful, handmade products.

Here is a sneak preview of our profile and remember the store goes live on Saturday

Thanks again to all of you for your support during these unbelievable times.



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